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What makes us really useful

The Really Useful Information Company (TRUiC) is a hub of entrepreneurial tools designed to help business owners succeed. Whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur or a grandmaster, we provide valuable, accessible materials based on four core values to help make your dreams a reality.


No one wants to sift through pages of head-scratching jargon, which is why our informative content is simple to locate, read, and understand.


TRUiC never sells your information—our website's analytics are solely used to improve the tools and content that already exist to bring users the ultimate experience.

Positive Impact

Our information is always free, easily accessible and searchable, and available in multiple languages in order to impact as many people as possible.


Not only do we provide valuable resources, but we also help users turn that information into a successful game plan for their business.

"Rather than focusing on the details, the approach is what matters most to me; in order to succeed in business you have to determine how to go about it first."
Bobby Peddi, Founder & CEO of TRUiC

Our Passion & Process

"Helping people succeed by making information accessible and actionable using a leverage-based approach."

Information is an essential resource. Our ultimate goal is to make starting a business easier for entrepreneurs. The last thing we want is for users to leave with more questions than answers. There are plenty of websites out there that provide this kind of information without value. With TRUiC, you’re always getting the best resources available to help grow your business with confidence.

Our Team

Our Advisors

Magnus Sigurdsson
Magnus has 12+ years experience in fintech and asset management, building technology products and quantitative investment strategies. Magnus was part of the founding team at 55ip, sold to JP Morgan, and the investment team at TIFF, a 10B endowment. Magnus completed his graduate studies at MIT.

Max Wolff
Max has 14+ years experience in venture and over 20 years in alternatives. Max was part of the core team at 55ip. Max spent his career as Chief Economist and DOR and has made 1700+ appearances in leading media outlets (CNBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, WSJ, etc.) Max sits on startup and VC boards.

Our Story

TRUiC was created when Nagabhushanam “Bobby” Peddi, launched his own business and noticed how scarce (and, well, elitist) entrepreneurial materials were. Instead of lamenting about the lack of resources, he created his own solution to give people from all walks of life access to these essential tools.

Today, TRUiC is a $7 million company with over 40 employees that provides free, actionable tools to aspiring entrepreneurs during every step of the process. Our culture fosters growth by promoting a collaborative atmosphere and the ability for our employees to explore different disciplines. The three TRUiC teams (entrepreneurs, creatives, and technologists) support one another by working toward common goals with distinct individual skill sets.

We thrive as a majority women- and minority-owned company, proving that when we work together and share opportunities for growth, anything is possible. Our goal has been — and always will be — to act as a virtual mentor so new business owners can make their dreams a reality.

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Our Impact

When we reach new heights, so does your business. As we continue to grow, it's important that we keep generating new, innovative content and tools for our users.


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How We Help Our Visitors

Everyone wins with TRUiC. We know that people want convenience; they don't want to sift through hundreds of articles or resources to find what they need. That’s why we partner with the best entrepreneurial services to bring users great deals that everyone benefits from.

Services that small businesses need aren't always free. When that happens, we negotiate directly with those companies to make sure you never have to pay a cent. We benefit from users sharing our services and affiliate fees. Our partners benefit from more foot traffic and reduced marketing costs. Most importantly, you benefit by accessing secure, convenient information. It's a textbook win-win-win.

How We Help Our Planet/Community

When we reach new heights, so does your business. As we continue to grow, it's important that we keep generating new, innovative content and tools for our users. One of the ways we do this is by expanding our services into different industries and tapping into its creative center so we can reach as many people as possible.


Goloka Farmstead

Goloka Farmstead is a 10-acre farm just outside of Ann Arbor that's focused on creating ecological, harmonious partnerships between humans, animals, and nature. With TRUiC’s financial support, Goloka has been able to emphasize the importance of no-till farming, as well as build a cow sanctuary, hydroponics greenhouse, and more.


There's no better metaphor for blazing your own trail than our country's highways, which is why we're dedicated to protecting them at all costs. Our litter removal efforts span stretches of highway across Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania and Texas in an effort to create safer roads for motorists and a cleaner planet for us all.


FastTrack Award

“FastTrack set the tone for a2Tech360 by celebrating and recognizing successful businesses in our community that have demonstrated remarkable resiliency and growth.”

TRUiC was awarded Ann Arbor SPARK's FastTrack Award, which recognized our excellent resiliency and growth.

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We Are TRUiC

We continue to grow TRUiC, evolving our knowledge-base and tools, while expanding into other resources and industries. We hope you join us in our adventure, and wish you the best of luck in starting your own business!